The fq template is used for a quote that floats to the left or right of an article. It is intended for quotes that are embedded within text, rather than those placed at the head of an article or section. See the {{Quote}} template for a header quote.

| text   = 
| source = 
| float  = 
| width  = 

Everything is optional except the text. Apparently, the order these appear changes the way the quote is rendered on mobile. The text field must be first, followed by source.

The quote you wish to display. You may format this string.
Author or source of quote. If specified, it will be set off from the quote by a line break and an m-dash.
left or right. Defaults to right.
Width in CSS units. Defaults to 300px.


| text   = The High Lady Alustriel is beloved by many in the Sword Coast North.
| source = [[Ed Greenwood]]
| float  = right
| width  = 300px
The High Lady Alustriel is beloved by many in the Sword Coast North.
— Ed Greenwood

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