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This template is no longer being maintained so its contents will be stale. It has been replaced by the {{On this day}} template. Use at your own risk.


This template takes in a date from the Calendar of Harptos and outputs a bulleted list of facts about the date (if any). The primary (and perhaps only) use for this is as a feature on the front page of this wiki.


Input is a string consisting of the day of the month (not zero padded) and the name of the month (first letter capitalized).

{{Holy days|7 Eleint}} produces:

  • Worshipers of Waukeen observe Spryndalstar, a High Festival in recognition of magic and its benefits, marked by hiring mages to cast entertaining spells and by sponsoring wizardly research

The input is intended to come from the {{FR date}} template which converts Gregorian dates to Forgotten Realms dates. The template will accept the older spelling Eleasias but replace it with the newer Eleasis. The five special days plus Shieldmeet on leap years are formatted as wiki links.

{{Holy days|[[Highharvestide]]}} produces:

  • Worshipers of Anhur celebrate the Remembrance Ritual in honor of fallen comrades
  • Worshipers of the dwarven deity Dugmaren Brightmantle spend the morning in thoughtful meditation and the rest of the day at a scholarly symposium
  • Guardians of Gorm Gulthyn gather for ritual salutes, martial weapons displays, chanted prayers, and the offering of weapons used in a defensive action
  • Worshipers of Isis in Mulhorand put on an exuberant celebration thanking Isis and Osiris for their aid with the harvest
  • Worshipers of Lliira open a holy festival with the Swords Cast Down ritual in which weapons are thrown on the ground with chanting and covered with fresh flowers
  • Worshipers of Malar celebrate the Feast of the Stags and pledge to hunt through the winter for selected people unable to hunt for themselves
  • Followers of Marthammor Duin call this day the Thunderbolt and pray for inspiration in any approaching battles
  • Priests of Osiris invite the citizens of Mulhorand to celebration of Osiris's bounty
  • Worshipers of Shiallia celebrate fruition on this day, inviting friendly creatures to join in feasting, dancing, and singing
  • Worshipers of Silvanus consider Highharvestide holy, and often give sacrifice by breaking and burying an object constructed of wood
  • Worshipers of Talos call for storms and lightning

Presentation Guidelines

The template is really just one big {{#switch:}} statement so it's not very complicated but it is large and perhaps confusing to edit. When adding new holy days or other information about calendar dates, please adhere to the following guidelines in order to keep it relatively easy for others to modify and to make a good presentation on the main page of our wiki.

  • The days are listed in calendar order, so please insert new ones in the the correct place
  • Each day has one and only one entry beginning with a vertical bar ( | ), then the date, followed by an equals sign ( = ), followed by a factoid within <li>...</li> tags. For example:
|  1 Eleasis     = <li>Worshipers of the [[halfling]] deity [[Cyrrollalee]] celebrate Hearthday</li>
  • Spaces are not important except for the one space between the date and the month, but lining up the dates and having the equal signs mostly line up aids the eye when scanning down the list for things.
  • If there are no factoids for a given date, then leave it out of the switch statement.
  • If you are adding a factoid to a date that already has one or more, then put a newline after the previous </li> tag and start the next line with <li>...</li> to make it more readable.
  • Since this template is not based on any particular year, it will contain factoids from many different eras in the Forgotten Realms. Please write in present tense, similar to the way the Years pages are written.
  • There should be at least one wiki link in each factoid.
  • Try to alphabetize a series of same-day factoids by the most important link within each (usually the name of a deity).
  • Leave general statements about the date as the first factoid in the list. For example, the fact that 20 Nightal is the Winter Solstice should be listed first, followed by the rest of the factoids.
  • Write your factoids as if they begin with "On this day..."


The entries in this template came from the following sources. If you add stuff from another source, please note it here.

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