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This template is for use on all File: pages to describe uploaded images. Copy the template from the box below and paste it into the Summary box on the upload image page. Fill in as much as you can, but note that images without some form of source or licensing are candidates for deletion. Choose from one of the Category:Copyright tags to put in the licensing parameter. If you do this, you do not need to choose one from the drop-down list on the Upload page.


| description = 
| source      = 
| screenshot  = 
| licensing   = 
| author1     = 
| author2     = 
| author3     = 
| author4     = 
| author5     = 


Optional. A sentence to describe the image for those that may not know what they are looking or are using a text reader to browse the wiki.
audio file
Optional. (not shown above) If set to any value (typically yes) this will change the labeling and the categories from "Image" to "Audio file". This is typically set by the {{Information/Audio}} pass-through template.
Required. Where the image came from, such as a web link [ Gallery at] or text description: "Page 36 of The Complete Fighter's Handbook".
Optional. If this image is a screenshot from a video game or computer program, specify "yes" here and licensing will be automatically set to {{Screenshot}} and the "unknown artist" category will be suppressed, if necessary.
Required. A template from Category:Copyright tags that describes the license that allows this image to appear on the wiki. If you set screenshot to yes, then you can leave this blank.
Optional. Give credit where credit is due and give the name of the artist or photographer responsible for this image. Wikilinks are allowed here. This will generate a category for either Images or Audio files by the author.
author2 to author5 
Optional. If there is more than one artist or photographer, use these parameters to list them all, up to a maximum of five.
Optional. (Not shown above) Setting this to true will prevent the generation of categories. This is typically only used on documentation pages like this one.
Deprecated. This is here for backward compatibility only. Please use the Talk page of any image File: to raise awareness of a problem.


| description = [[Fzoul Chembryl]], the Chosen of [[Bane]] and High Lord of the [[Zhentarim]].
| source      = ''[[Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition]]'' page 163;
[ Wizards of the Coast Art Gallery]
| screenshot  = 
| licensing   = {{promotional|image_has_source=yes}}
| author1     = Todd Lockwood
| author2     = 
| author3     = 
| author4     = 
| author5     = 


The image will automatically appear in "Images by ARTISTNAME" categories (if audio file is set, it will be "Audio files by ARTISTNAME"), and some licensing templates, such as {{bookcover}}, will put the image into further categories. If source, author1, or licensing are left blank, a category will be generated to indicate the image needs more information. If necessary, you may add even more categories manually.


This template is loosely based on the book template at Wikipedia.

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