This template pulls a list of deities or primordials that grant the divine domain given as the first argument. It expects the word "domain" to be appended, as in "life domain", so this can be called with {{PAGENAME}} on all the cleric domain pages. The optional second argument can be used to change the separator between results. The default separator is a bullet symbol surrounded by breaking spaces: " • "


{{ListDeitiesByDomain|Life domain}}


Aerdrie FaenyaAlobal LorfirilAmaunatorAngharradhBahamutBerronar TruesilverChaunteaCorellonCyrrollaleeEilistraeeEldathHanali CelanilHelmIlmaterLabelas EnorethLathanderLliiraMelira TaralenNaralis AnalorOsirisRaven QueenReSelûneSemuanyaSharindlarSilvanusSuneZandilar the Dancer

{{ListDeitiesByDomain|Life domain|<br />}}


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