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This template is for users to give themselves an infobox where they can put any personal information they care to share. It has the same basic format and style as other infoboxes on this wiki, except it is narrower to match the {{Userbox}} size.


Copy the following code to your user page and edit it there:

| image   = 
| caption = 
| name    = 
| home    = 
| dob     = 
| work    = 
| zone    = 
| lang    = 
| regions = 
| novels  = 
| hobby   = 


All fields are optional. You can add wikilinks (e.g. [[Cormyr]] in regions field).

  • image: your image (e.g. Selfie.png). See Help:Uploading files if you need help.
  • caption: image caption
  • name: your real name or user name
  • home: your homeland
  • dob: your birth date
  • work: your occupation
  • zone: your time zone (eg. "GMT")
  • lang: your known languages and relative level (e.g. Wikipedia style: en-native, de-3, ...)
  • regions: your favorite FR places (regions, cities, ...)
  • novels: your favorite FR novels
  • hobby: your hobbies


Type in this:

|image=Viconia - Shadows of Amn.png
|caption=I woke up like this.
|home=Seattle, WA
|lang=English, French,  German, Spanish
|regions=[[Underdark]], [[Menzoberranzan]], [[Baldur's Gate]]
|novels=All of 'em!

to see this:

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