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This template generally replaces the {{Holy days}} template. Each date in the Calendar of Harptos now has its own page with a bulleted list of events or factoids which will be less unwieldy and easier to maintain. When invoked with a valid date, this template produces the phrase "On this day:" followed by the factoid list for that date. All date pages must be in Category:Calendar dates, which is provided by the {{Datepage}} template. All date pages should have a heading entitled "On This Day" (e.g., ==On This Day== or === On this day ===). If the section is empty (contains no factoids) then nothing is printed.


The only argument, which is required, is a valid date from the Calendar of Harptos in month day format, or the official name of a seasonal festival. The default output format for the {{FR date}} template is day month to match the guidelines given on page 155 of the Forgotten Realms Players Guide, but you can use the {{Format FR date}} template with the reverse option to get today's date or any date in the proper format. For example:

  • {{On this day|Alturiak 5}} → A particular Harptos date
  • {{On this day|Greengrass}} → A seasonal festival
  • {{On this day|{{Format FR date|{{FR date}}|reverse}}}} → Today's date
  • {{On this day|{{Format FR date|{{FR date|2016-08-30}}|reverse}}}} → A particular Gregorian date
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