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This template is for use in any article about one of the planes of existence in the Forgotten Realms multiverse. All parameters except name are optional and if unspecified they will not appear.

The template has been expanded to separate the three cosmologies into their own tabs in the info box. Parameters are grouped by a suffix:

For each cosmology, please chose a type from the list shown below in the Parameters section. For example, the Demonweb Pits was a layer in the Abyss in the Great Wheel cosmology, so type-GW = Layer, but in the World Axis model, it was a Fiendish Plane, so type-WA = [[Fiendish Plane]].


| image             = GatesOfTheMoon.jpg
| caption           = Selûne's realm, [[Argentil]], in the Gates of the Moon.
| name              = Gates of the Moon
| natives           = [[Shards]]<br />[[Sliver]]s<br />[[Celestial eladrin]]
| basicrefs         = <ref name="PGtF-154"/><ref name="D-353-VG-OotFR-pp67-68">{{Cite dragon/353/Volo's Guide: Outsiders of the Forgotten Realms|67-68}}</ref>
| type-GW           = Realm
| alignment-GW      = {{Alignment grid|off|off|on|off|off|off|off|off|off}}
| location-GW       = [[Gladsheim]]
| refs-GW           = <ref name="OHG-170">{{Cite book/On Hallowed Ground|170}}</ref>
| type-WA           = [[Astral Dominion]]
| alignment-WA      = Good
| location-WA       = [[Astral Sea]]
| refs-WA           = <ref name="FRCG4e-63">{{Cite book/Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide|63}}</ref>
| type-WT           = [[Celestial Plane]]
| morphic-WT        = Alterable (realms were divinely morphic)
| alignment-WT      = Mildly good-aligned and mildly chaos-aligned
| faith-WT          = Mild
| refs-WT           = <ref name="FRCS3e-257">{{Cite book/Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition|257}}</ref><ref name="PGtF-140">{{Cite book/Player's Guide to Faerûn|140}}</ref><ref name="PGtF-154">{{Cite book/Player's Guide to Faerûn|154-155}}</ref><ref name="MotP.FAQ-3">{{Cite web/Manual of the Planes: Frequently Asked Questions|3}}</ref>
| inhabitants       = yes
| deities           = yes
| locations         = yes
| organizations     = yes
| usethe            = yes

An example is shown to the right.

| image             = 
| caption           = 
| name              = 
| othernames        = 
| demonym           = 
| natives           = 
| languages         = 
| basicrefs         = 
| type-GW           = 
| shape-size-GW     = 
| gravity-GW        = 
| time-GW           = 
| morphic-GW        = 
| element-energy-GW = 
| alignment-GW      = 
| magical-GW        = 
| layers-GW         = 
| layer-number-GW   = 
| location-GW       = 
| refs-GW           = 
| type-WA           = 
| shape-size-WA     = 
| gravity-WA        = 
| mutability-WA     = 
| element-energy-WA = 
| alignment-WA      = 
| magical-WA        = 
| layers-WA         = 
| layer-number-WA   = 
| location-WA       = 
| refs-WA           = 
| type-WT           = 
| shape-size-WT     = 
| gravity-WT        = 
| time-WT           = 
| morphic-WT        = 
| element-energy-WT = 
| alignment-WT      = 
| magical-WT        = 
| faith-WT          = 
| layers-WT         = 
| layer-number-WT   = 
| location-WT       = 
| refs-WT           = 
| inhabitants       = 
| deities           = 
| locations         = 
| organizations     = 
| settlements       = 
| usethe            = 
| useon             = 


Optional. Usually an image depicting the environment of the plane. Just specify the file name. The image will be resized to fit the infobox. For backward compatibility, [[File:]] and [[Image:]] tags should still work.
Optional. A description of the image, if present. This field will be italicized for you.
Required. The common name for the plane.
Optional. Other names, perhaps former names, for this plane.
Optional. What are the inhabitants of this plane collectively called?
Optional. Creatures whose natural habitats are found on this plane.
Optional. The primary language(s) spoken on this plane.
Optional. Not shown above. The color of a color pool to this plane from the Astral Plane.
Optional. Not shown above. A color sample image of the color given in color-pool-color. Just specify the file name. The image will be resized to fit the infobox.
Optional. Not shown above. The color of an ethereal curtain to the border ethereal of this plane from the deep ethereal.
Optional. Not shown above. A color sample image of the color given in curtain-color. Just specify the file name. The image will be resized to fit the infobox.
Optional. Not shown above. Some planes could be reached using the plane shift spell, requiring one or more tuning forks made from various materials. You may put the material here, with or without a link.
Optional. Not shown above. A tuning fork chimes at a particular note represented by the letters A–G and an optional sharp (♯) or flat (♭) accidental. You may specify accidentals by using either the hash mark (#) or a lower-case B (b), or the words sharp or flat. Examples: "A-flat", "Ab", "f sharp" and "F#" should all render properly. Requires fork-material.
Optional. Not shown above. If more than one tuning fork is required, then the fork-note becomes the base note of a chord, modified by either major, minor, or perhaps other chord types. Requires fork-material.
Optional. Not shown above. The filename of an .ogg audio file of a tuning fork of this pitch or a chord of tuning forks.


Main article: Planar traits
Optional. Great Wheel choices are: Inner Plane, Outer Plane, Energy Plane, Parallel Plane, Material Plane, Anomalous Plane, and Transitive Plane. Other valid choices are: Demiplane, Realm, Divine Realm, Layer, and Unknown.
Optional. Planes come in many different forms. If the plane has layers, indicate how many here. Other possible values include Finite, Infinite, Self-Contained, and many other descriptive terms as appropriate. Example: 7 infinite layers.
Optional. Gravity sometimes operates differently on a plane. Possible values include Normal, Light, Heavy, None, Objective Directional, and Subjective Directional.
Optional. Time sometimes flows differently on a plane. Possible values include Normal, Flowing, Erratic, and Timeless. If it's "Normal", you can leave this blank.
Optional. An indication of how malleable or rigid the matter is that forms planar features. Possible values include Alterable, Static, Highly, Magically, Divinely, and even Sentient.
Optional. Some planes are influenced by the elements or made up almost entirely of a particular element. These are said to be "Dominant" for that element. Possible values include Air-Dominant, Earth-Dominant, Fire-Dominant, Water-Dominant, Negative-Dominant, and Positive-Dominant with either a minor or major degree of influence.
Optional. Some planes have an alignment which tends to produce and attract creatures of that alignment. Please use the {{alignment grid}} for Great Wheel planes.
Optional. On some planes, magic works differently than on the Prime Material Plane. Possible values include Normal, Wild, Enhanced, Impeded, Limited, and Dead (for a no-magic zone).
Optional. If there is a short list of layer names, you can add them here in a comma-separated list or use <br /> tags. Not for the Abyss.
Optional. If type-GW is "Layer", and you know the layer's number, put it here as an integer.
Optional. If this location is contained in something else, indicate it here. Examples: to get a subheading that says "66th layer of the Abyss", set type-GW to "Layer", layer-number-GW to "66", and location-GW to "the Abyss".
Optional. You may place <ref> tags here so they don't clutter up the infobox.
faith trait 
Optional. Deities that reside on a plane often influence the social atmosphere for visitors to a plane. Possible values include None, Mildly Faith-aligned, Strongly Faith-aligned, and the name or names of the deities involved.

Navigation Links

Links to categories pertaining to the plane can be added to the bottom of the infobox using the following parameters.

Optional. Setting this to anything (typically "yes") will automatically generate a link to the category [[Category:Inhabitants of {{PAGENAME}}]].
Optional. Setting this to anything (typically "yes") will automatically generate a link to the category intersection of [[Category:Inhabitants of {{PAGENAME}}]] and [[Category:Deities]].
Optional. Setting this to anything (typically "yes") will automatically generate a link to the category [[Category:Locations in {{PAGENAME}}]].
Optional. Setting this to anything (typically "yes") will automatically generate a link to the category [[Category:Organizations in {{PAGENAME}}]].
Optional. Setting this to anything (typically "yes") will automatically generate a link to the category [[Category:Settlements in {{PAGENAME}}]].
Optional. Uses "on" instead of "in" when generating categories for locations, organizations, or settlements, i.e., [[Category:Settlements on Mount Celestia]] rather than [[Category:Settlements in Mount Celestia]]
Optional. Adds the word "the" before the page name when generating any of the category links, i.e., [[Category:Inhabitants of the Abyss]] rather than [[Category:Inhabitants of Abyss]]
Optional (not shown above). If the name is different than the one used in the categories, you can specify the correct category name here. For example, "Locations in Ysgard (layer)" instead of "Locations in Ysgard".

Standardized Sections

These are the typical section headers for an article about a plane. You can easily cut and paste it from here and delete the ones you don't use:

<What does this plane look like? What is special about it? What are its planar traits?>

<How does this plane fit in the various cosmologies? Where is it located? How does it connect to other planes?>

==Notable Locations==
<What notable places are found within this plane? Are there notable settlements? Are there any divine realms here?>

<Who lives here? What races are native? Do any deities call this plane home?>

<What happened here? Why do scholars of the Realms care about this place?>

==Rumors & Legends==
<Are there any unconfirmed rumors or beliefs about this plane that may or may not be true?>

===See Also===
* <Link to an article on this wiki that may also interest readers but that was not mentioned in the article above.>


<In which novels, adventure modules, or games has this plane been mentioned?>


===External Links===
* <Link to articles on other wikis about the same plane.>



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