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Pronunciation Table
IPA Example(s) Accepted English
Phonetic Spellings
/æ/ dragon, halfling, magic æ, @[note 1]
/ær/ carry arr
/aɪ/ fighter eye, y[note 1], igh
/aɪər/ fire ire
/aʊ/ drow ow
/aʊər/ power owr
/ɑː/ chaotic a, ah
/ɑːr/ bard ar
/ɒ/ constitution, psionic 0[note 1]
/ɒn/ constitution, psionic on, 0n[note 1]
/ɒr/ moral orr, 0r[note 1]
/b/ bard, barbarian b
/d/ druid, dungeon, paladin d
/dʒ/ dungeon, giant, mage j
/ð/ the, with dh, +[note 1]
/ə/ human, paladin, wisdom ə, uh
/ər/ fighter, ranger ər
/eɪ/ chaotic, ranger ay
/ɛ/ elf, intelligence, strength e, eh
/ɛr/ cleric, dexterity err
/ɛər/ barbarian air
/ɜːr/ nerd ur
/f/ fighter, lawful, dwarf f
/g/ good, dragon, rogue g, gh
/h/ human, halfling h
/hw/ what wh
/iː/ evil, dexterity ee
/ɪ/ charisma, cleric, paladin i, ih
/ɪr/ mirror irr
/ɪər/ seer, fear eer
/j/ yes y
/juː/ human ew, yoo
/jʊər/ cure ewr, yoor
/k/ cleric, chaotic, monk k
/l/ lawful, cleric, roll l, ll
/m/ mage, human, gnome m
/n/ gnome, ranger, dragon n
/ŋ/ monk, strength, halfling ng
/ŋk/ monk nk
/oʊ/ gnome, rogue o, oh
/ɔɪ/ destroy, coins oy
/ɔɪər/ destroyer oir
/ɔː/ lawful aw
/ɔːr/ dwarf, orc, sorcerer or
/p/ priest, paladin p
/r/ ranger, priest r
/s/ sorcerer, priest, dice s, ss
/ʃ/ constitution, shoot sh
/t/ turn, master, chest t
/tʃ/ chest, match ch, tch
/θ/ THACO, strength th
/ʌ/ dungeon, monk u
/ʌr/ flurry urr
/uː/ druid, neutral oo
/ʊ/ good, lawful uu
/ʊl/ lawful uul, ul
/ʊr/ courier uur
/ʊər/ tour oor
/v/ vision, tavern, save v
/w/ wizard w
/x/ loch kh
/z/ wizard, coins z
/ʒ/ treasure zh

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 While used in the Dragon article "Ay pronunseeAYshun gyd", this character should be avoided on this wiki as a representation of a sound, as it is not immediately obvious how it should be pronounced.
Up to 9 syllables can be spelled out phonetically and separated by pipe symbols (|). The template will automatically create an IPA pronunciation guide, followed by a phonetic spelling. If it is unable to properly determine the IPA (because improper/ambiguous phonetic spellings were used), the article will be flagged as an article with broken pronunciation.
  • Syllables should be spelled out using the options given in the "Pronunciation Table" shown to the right. The phonetic spellings given in most sourcebooks should already be found in the table, but there may be a few exceptions that you will have to adapt using your best judgment.
  • If a syllable receives stress, it should be typed in all-caps.
  • To use this template for multiple words, use _ as its own syllable for the space between the words.
  • For the two special characters ash (Æ,æ) and schwa (ə), the template can only handle the UNICODE characters, not the HTML codes. (For example, use æ, not &aelig;.)
Optional. The source(s) for the pronunciation. Use the usual <ref> tags.
Optional. The filename of an .ogg audio file of the pronunciation.
Optional. If this is an alternate pronunciation, set this to true or yes. By default, a pronunciation will be prefixed with "pronunciation:"; if alt is set, the pronunciation will instead be prefixed with "or:".
primary stress 
Optional. If more than one syllable of a longer word receives stress, provide which syllable (by number) receives the strongest stress. If two or more syllables are stressed, and this field is not used, the template will assume that the first stressed syllable is primary.

Note: This template usually should be surrounded by parentheses.


({{Pronounce|EYEL|iss|TRY|ee|primary stress=1}} {{Pronounce|alt=yes|EIL|iss|TRAY|yee|primary stress=3}})

(pronounced: /ˈlɪsˌtriEYEL-iss-TRY-ee or: /ˌɛɪlɪsˈtrjiEIL-iss-TRAY-yee)

({{Pronounce|æ|ra|KO|kraz|refs=<ref name="pronunciation1">{{Cite dragon/93/Ay pronunseeAYshun gyd|25}}</ref>}})

(pronounced: /ærɑːˈkkrɑːzæ-ra-KO-kraz[1])

({{Pronounce|REHM|or|æz|refs=<ref name="pronunciation2">{{Cite dragon/93/Ay pronunseeAYshun gyd|28}}</ref>|audio=Remorhaz.ogg}})

(pronounced: /ˈrɛmɔːræzREHM-or-æz[2] about this audio file listen)

({{Pronounce|toh|RILL}} {{Pronounce|tor|RILL|alt=yes}})

(pronounced: /tˈrɪltoh-RILL or: /tɔːrˈrɪltor-RILL)


(pronounced: /ˈrɑːz nəˈsiRAZ nuh-SEE)


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