Pronunciation Table
IPA Example(s) Accepted English
Phonetic Spellings
/æ/ dragon, halfling, magic æ, @[note 1]
/ær/ carry arr
/aɪ/ fighter eye, y[note 1], igh
/aɪər/ fire ire
/aʊ/ drow ow
/aʊər/ power owr
/ɑː/ chaotic a, ah
/ɑːr/ bard ar
/ɒ/ constitution, psionic 0[note 1]
/ɒn/ constitution, psionic on, 0n[note 1]
/ɒr/ moral orr, 0r[note 1]
/b/ bard, barbarian b
/d/ druid, dungeon, paladin d
/dʒ/ dungeon, giant, mage j
/ð/ the, with dh, +[note 1]
/ə/ human, paladin, wisdom ə, uh
/ər/ fighter, ranger ər
/eɪ/ chaotic, ranger ay
/ɛ/ elf, intelligence, strength e, eh
/ɛr/ cleric, dexterity err
/ɛər/ barbarian air
/ɜːr/ nerd ur
/f/ fighter, lawful, dwarf f
/g/ good, dragon, rogue g, gh
/h/ human, halfling h
/hw/ what wh
/iː/ evil, dexterity ee
/ɪ/ charisma, cleric, paladin i, ih
/ɪr/ mirror irr
/ɪər/ seer, fear eer
/j/ yes y
/juː/ human ew, yoo
/jʊər/ cure ewr, yoor
/k/ cleric, chaotic, monk k
/l/ lawful, cleric, roll l, ll
/m/ mage, human, gnome m
/n/ gnome, ranger, dragon n
/ŋ/ monk, strength, halfling ng
/ŋk/ monk nk
/oʊ/ gnome, rogue o, oh
/ɔɪ/ destroy, coins oy
/ɔɪər/ destroyer oir
/ɔː/ lawful aw
/ɔːr/ dwarf, orc, sorcerer or
/p/ priest, paladin p
/r/ ranger, priest r
/s/ sorcerer, priest, dice s, ss
/ʃ/ constitution, shoot sh
/t/ turn, master, chest t
/tʃ/ chest, match ch, tch
/θ/ THACO, strength th
/ʌ/ dungeon, monk u
/ʌr/ flurry urr
/uː/ druid, neutral oo
/ʊ/ good, lawful uu
/ʊl/ lawful uul, ul
/ʊr/ courier uur
/ʊər/ tour oor
/v/ vision, tavern, save v
/w/ wizard w
/x/ loch kh
/z/ wizard, coins z
/ʒ/ treasure zh

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 While used in the Dragon article "Ay pronunseeAYshun gyd", this character should be avoided on this wiki as a representation of a sound, as it is not immediately obvious how it should be pronounced.
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