The Speculation template is an in-line tag used to mark statements that seem highly speculative, either on the part of the author of the article or by in-universe sources. Readers are advised to check the lore and sources themselves and form their own opinion.

The tag should be placed after statements like "maybe it is because...", "perhaps he did this because...", "it might be that..." or similar statements that are unclear and speculative. Try to find out what the source material says on this subject and clarify the statement. If the source material leaves the subject open to speculation, either remove the statement altogether, or replace it with the sturdiest possible wording, such as "according to Elminster Aumar it is because...".

Lore attributed to an in-universe source, such as a sage, rumor, or legend, generally does not require the Speculation tag. Text marked as Speculation should still be cited to referenced sources and be based solidly on in-universe information. Speculative discussions based wholly on the author's theories should be placed outside the main text of the article, in a Notes subsection in an Appendix (perhaps using a footnote). Such speculation should be entirely based on cited sources and be essential to understanding the article or resolving clear discrepancies or errors. "Homebrew" lore to fill in gaps cannot be accepted. Editors may remove speculation if it is unsourced, homebrewed, or unnecessary.

This tag will categorize tagged articles into Category:Articles containing speculation.

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