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This template is designed to be used as a parameter within infoboxes to provide a two column list of items. The columns may be aligned either left, right, or center.


This is an example of the template being used inside the {{Location}} template (most parts of template not shown).

| name        = ...
| rulertype   = Xyzzy
| rulertable  = {{Split table|rca=center|caption=This is a caption
 | captionstyle=font-family:serif;font-style:italic;
 | leftheader=Left Header|rightheader=Right Header
 | rhstyle = color:red;text-align:center;|
 [[Taern Hornblade]]|[[1369 DR]]–present|
 [[Alustriel Silverhand]]|[[1235 DR]]–[[1369 DR]]|
 [[Khallos Shieldsunder]]<br />(warlord)|[[1235 DR]]|
 [[Theomel Scalson]]<br />(silvermayor)|[[1232 DR]]–[[1235 DR]]|
 [[Sepur]]|[[1230 DR]]–[[1232 DR]]|
 [[Orjalun]]|[[1050 DR]]–[[1230 DR]]}}

The example is shown on the right. Note the left column is left justified (by default) and the right column is center justified because rca was set equal to "center".


Optional. A caption describing the table.
Optional. CSS elements that will be put inside the <style> tag of the caption.
Optional. Left column alignment. Typical values are right, left, or center. Default is left.
Optional. Right column alignment. Same as above, but for the right-hand column.
Optional. Left column header. Defaults to center-aligned unless lhstyle is set.
Optional. Right column header. Defaults to center-aligned unless rhstyle is set.
lhstyle, rhstyle 
Optional. CSS style selectors to be applied to the <th> tags of the header cells.


  • The named parameters (like rca) should be placed first, before any data values, so they are easy to find.
  • The table will hold up to 30 data pairs. Make sure you separate each data value with a vertical bar " | ".
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