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This template performs the same function as Unlink and may be replaced if these string handling functions ever get installed on this wiki. However, this template now handles the case where more than one link is present. Only the first link is returned without the brackets, the rest of the string is ignored.

Unlink removes the square brackets from around a string, if any. Examples:

{{unlink|[[Zhentarim]]}} returns Zhentarim.
{{unlink|the [[Zhentarim]]}} returns Zhentarim.
{{unlink|[Fire]}} returns Fire.
{{unlink|Elminster}} returns Elminster.
{{unlink|[[Thief]] ([[Barber]])}} returns Thief.

Use {{Rootlink}} to remove an alternate name before unlinking:

{{unlink|{{rootlink|[[Fire (element)|Fire]]}} }} returns Fire (element)