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A "Vancian" system of magic (named after Jack Vance) is when a certain number of spells are memorized ahead of time, and then once used they are erased from memory. With the exception of 4th edition, Dungeons & Dragons adhered to this type of spellcasting model, whether it was clerics praying for spells, or wizards studying their spellbook. This template is a shorthand for a link to the Wikipedia article describing various systems of magic and is intended to be used for the value of the type parameters in the {{Spell}} template and its variants.


Here is an example of the template being used inside the Spell template, with most of the other parameters removed. Note that 4th edition spells are not type "Vancian".

| variant      = prayer
| name         = Cure Light Wounds
| type         = Daily
| level4e      = {{spell table|edition=4e|variant=prayer|[[Cleric]]|2}}
| type4e       = Daily
| level3e      = {{spell table|edition=3e|[[Cleric]]|1|[[Paladin]]|1}}
| type3e       = {{Vancian}}
| level2e      = {{spell table|edition=2e|[[Cleric]]|1|[[Druid]]|1|[[Paladin]]|1}}
| type2e       = {{Vancian}}
| level1e      = {{spell table|edition=1e|[[Cleric]]|1|[[Druid]]|2|[[Paladin]]|1}}
| type1e       = {{Vancian}}

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