The temple of Bhaal in the Forest of Wyrms was used by Bhaalists for some time before being taken over by cultists devoted to Cyric in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


The temple was located deep within a rocky hill within the forest. The underground path leading to its entrance had a number of branching tunnels and caves.[1]


The temple itself featured a large gathering hall, several rooms of living quarters, a laboratory, a small library, and a dedicated ritual room.[1]


This temple was one of the locations wherein Bhaalist priests kept the Bhaalspawn children, who were to be used in the ritual that would resurrect the Lord of Murder.[1]

While it was held by Cyricists, it was used to imprison several individuals. Among these prisoners were Madele, the blind priestess of Bhaal, and several members of the Shining Crusade including the dwarf Keherrem.[1]


At some point during the mid–14th century, a group of Harpers raided the temple and stole away some of the children of Bhaal.[1] One of their members, Gorion, nearly killed the priestess Alianna, before she was slain by another. While he was able to rescue her child, others were slain and at least one was able to flee amid the chaos.[2][note 1]

When Bhaal died during the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR, his followers in the temple remained there for some time. Two years later, in the Year of the Turret, 1360 DR, it was assaulted by the Cyricist Akanna and her fellow followers of the Dark Sun. They killed many of the Bhaalists and imprisoned the priestess Madele.[1]

The Cyricists held it for some time, until the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR. The head priestess Akanna started having terrible dreams and withdrew herself from her fellow acolytes. This persisted for weeks until she began working on some unknown ritual. In truth her mind was being bombarded by the illithid Darskhelin, who sought to bring forth a neothelid and prepare the temple to be used as the lair of an elder brain.[1]


The caverns just outside the temple were home to a tribe of bugbears and the lair of the green dragon Morentherene.[1]

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Hidden within the hall south of the laboratory were six alcoves each decorated with a different mask. Pressing against three of the masks in the correct order opened a hidden treasury.[1]



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  1. While it is not explicitly stated that the temple of Bhaal in the Forest of Wyrms is the same featured in the origins of Abdel Adrian and Sarevok, there is evidence to suggest it is. The original Baldur's Gate game states that the Harper Gorion was a lover to and killer of Abdel's biological mother. The Throne of Bhaal expansion reveals her identity as Alianna, a priestess of Bhaal and the mother of Abdel Adrian. Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear features the story of how the forest temple was raided by members of the Harpers, one of whom nearly killed his lover before rescuing her infant child.


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