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The Temple of Mystra was a great Cormyrean cathedral dedicated to the Mother of All Magic, the goddess Mystra, located in the King's Forest near the town of Eveningstar. It was built sometime in the late 14th century DR, and abandoned after Mystra's death and the Spellplague that followed, after which it was claimed as a base by drow.[1][note 1]


The temple was built under the tree canopies, close to the northern edge of the King's Forest, on the western shores of the Starwater River south of Eveningstar.[1]


The temple opened into a large columned atrium with a waterfall trickling water into the reflecting pool at its center. From there, the temple split into hallways, all leading into different parts of the complex. One path led to an altar to Mystra with glowing silver stars still shining down on the chamber even after the deity's demise. Another path led to a library of texts on the Arcane. And another one opened up into a cathedral's main ceremonial hall, decorated with a shrine and including stone privies.[1]

The later ruins were outfitted with slave pens and corrals, as well as various fortifications and mechanisms to offer the drow base protection against do-gooders.[1]


The Temple of Mystra was abandoned after the goddess' demise in the Year of Blue Fire, 1385 DR. The stone structure became ruined and forgotten until the drow threat rose in the Year of the Awakened Sleepers, 1484 DR. Although the Darkening was focused elsewhere, the Spider Queen Lolth had her eyes on the small community of Eveningstar, and it was targeted by drow raiders from the Underdark city of Sschindylryn. Members of the drow houses Szind and Avithoul used the ruins of the Temple of Mystra as a base from which to capture slaves from Eveningstar, including commoners, War Wizards, and Purple Dragons alike, and shackled them with enchanted slave collars. Apart from capturing slaves, the drow were tasked by their goddess with finding the "Thread of the Weave," a fragment of the Weave torn from Mystra in the Spellplague.[1]

Unaware of the threat, a band of Evenor youngsters made up of Cormul Haythorne, Torin Betrich, and Ana Brabener decided that the "Thread of the Weave" was surely hidden in the ruined temple and ventured out, only to be attacked by drow slavers, with Ana being taken and Cormul and Torin escaping. During her capture, young Ana showed an impressive magical gift, piquing the interest of her new masters.[1]

Cormul and Torin managed to return to Eveninstar and told Elminster and a band of adventurers from the world of Eberron of the capture. With the Old Sage's blessing, the outworlders set out to rescue the captured villages and slay the slavers. When the adventurers arrived, they were attacked by the magically controlled folk of Eveninstar, driven by their slave masters, though they were able to be freed. Along the way in, they encountered the drow wizard Eldrin Szind, who was busy looting the temple and took a moment to realize that he was under attack.[1]

After much combat, the adventurers came across Mystra's altar where Ana Brabener was being interrogated over the magics she displayed—a feat far greater than ordinary spells. Her captor, Odezzt Avithoul, used scrolls and magic items from the abandoned temple against the adventurers, and even sent Ana into combat against her rescuers, but the slaver was slain nevertheless. The heroes and Ana then had to fight through hordes of drow to escape the temple, with Ana using her strange gift to break the magical barriers that were being thrown up to trap them. Finally, the drider Phargred Avithoul attempted to block their escape, but was cut down in the process.[1]

Among the treasures recovered from the temple were an archaic device that functioned like a rune arm, and an ancient gemstone that could be used as a docent, both strange and esoteric magical items.[1]



  1. The Temple of Mystra in Wheloon, though proved false, was intended to be the first temple to Mystra in Cormyr. It was built in 1374 DR, so the Temple of Mystra in Eveningstar must have been built between then and Mystra's death in 1385 DR.