The Temple of Odin in the city of Bral was perhaps the only shrine to the god Odin in Realmspace.[1]


The Temple of Odin was actually a small shrine, but it was one of the oldest on the Rock of Bral and was well-respected.[1]


The temple was located in the Low City on the starboard side of Grand Street, near the port-side entrance to the Lesser Market.[2]


It was debatable whether or not the priest of Odin could even communicate with his god,[1] since, of the Norse pantheon, only Tyr—believed by some to be Odin's son[3]—had a presence in Realmspace.[4] However, by the end of the 14th century, the congregation of worshipers at the shrine numbered about 100.[1] If the congregation continued to grow, it was possible that Odin would obtain demigod status in Realmspace.[1][5]


The shrine was founded in the early 14th century DR by vikings from another world who were transported to Realmspace by an enigmatic space storm.[1]



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