The Ten Trail was a trail that connected the Ten Towns to the southern edge of the Frozenfar and the rest of Faerûn.[2]


The trail began in the city of Fireshear and headed north through a pass along the Spine of the World as far as Bryn Shander. Travel through the Ten Trail was risky not only because of the low temperatures, since travelers along the road were also threatened by brigands, crag cats, orcs, yetis and even white dragons.[2]

On its northern leg past the mountains, the trail was known as the Caravan Trail and led up to the South Gate of Bryn Shander.[1]

The mountain portion of the trail was almost impassable during the winter.[1] At its highest elevation, the trail passed through the town of Hundelstone.[3]

South of the Spine of the World, the Iron Trail connected the Ten Trail to the city of Ironmaster, but that trail practically disappeared during the winter.[4] Further along its southern leg, the trail also connected to the Northern Means, which headed towards Luskan.[5]


The Ten Trail was used by caravans to move goods to and from the cities in Icewind Dale. Because of its various dangers, caravans needed to be well armed for the trip.[2]



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