Tennora Hedare was a young apprentice wizard and a member of one of Waterdeep's minor noble houses in the late 15th century DR. She worked as a spy for Nazra Mrays, a Masked Lord of Waterdeep.[1]


Tennora had blonde hair that she wore in a single braid. She prefered wearing her mother's leather armor to a mage robe.[1]


Tennora had modest magical skills. She learned to pick locks from a rogue near the harbor and had been paying him for further instruction in roguish arts.[1]


Tennora's parents died during a featherlung epidemic while she was still a child. Unknown to Tennora, her mother was an accomplished rogue before she married into the nobility. She was raised in the North Ward by her father's brother and his wife. Tennora studied magic at the House of Wonders mage academy in Waterdeep but she was dismissed by Master Rhinzen Halnian because he didn't think she had much potential as a mage even though she was capable of casting moderately powerful magic such as the fireball spell.[1]

Tennora lived in an apartment at the God Catcher tenement. One day in 1479 DR, a seemingly crazy woman stood outside the building and ranted all day at Aundra Blacklock, the landlord. Tennora took pity on the woman, who was actually the blue dragon Clytemorrenestrix (Nestrix) who was plaguechanged into a human, and agreed to get her an audience with Aundra. Nestrix asked Aundra to use her sorceress powers to turn her back into a dragon and Aundra agreed if Nestrix would steal a magical mask from a shop in the Trades Ward.[1]

Tennora and Nestrix broke into the shop and took the mask. However, unknown to either of them, the shop was owned by the green dragon Andareunarthex, who tracked them back to Tennora's apartment and kidnapped Nestrix. Tennora was able to rescue Nestrix with the help of the bounty hunter Veron Angalen and they also freed Nazra Mrays' young son. Tennora and Nestrix defeated Andareunarthex in a battle at Nazra's mansion and drove him out of Waterdeep.[1]

In 1486 DR, Vescaras Ammakyl recruited Tennora into the Harpers and she acted as liaison between Tam Zawad's cell and the Lords of Waterdeep.[2]



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