The Tenpaws were a powerful tribe of wemics that dominated the Shining Plains, particularly during the mid–14th century DR, when they rivaled even the Emerald Enclave in terms of power and influence.[2][1]


As of the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, the tribe was led by the mighty King Grrothgrrowl. He was served by eight chieftains that assisted with coordinating and organizing the tribe.[1]


The Tenpaw leaders cared little for the humans of the Vilhon Reach, so long as they did not cross into their territory. While they allowed trading caravans to pass freely through their lands if they were heading in a north–south direction, those headed east–west were regularly stopped and forced to pay tolls.[1]


The Tenpaws maintained an alliance of sorts with the Emerald Enclave. The nature-worshiping druids provided the tribe's leaders with information regarding human activities as it pertained to their lands. An enclave advisor regularly traveled with the king of the Tenpaws and his advisers, going so far as to live amongst them.[1]


When the cities of Lheshayl and Ormath battled one another for military supremacy on the Field of Tears, in the Year of Secret Slaughters, 326 DR, the Tenpaw wemics entered the conflict and caused the forces of both cities to flee for their lives.[1]



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