Tephanis is a quickling who has served many masters; Ulgulu being one of them.[1]

Chance encounterEdit

When a group of their gnolls sent to retrieve a pair of farmers, the father and eldest son, from the Thistledown farm never returned, he and his brother sent Nathak to scout out what happened, he returned and told both Kempfana and Ulgulu that their raiding party of five gnolls were dead.[2]

After that Ulgulu sent his quickling ally, Tephanis, to discover exactly what had happened.[1] When Tephanis returned and told them that the newly-surfaced Drizzt Do'Urden had slain the goblins, they had the quickling steal one of Drizzt's scimitars.[3] Ulgulu used his shape-changing abilities to make himself appear as a drow, and with Drizzt's scimitar, attacked the Thistledown farm.[4] After slaying the residents, he left the broken scimitar so as to make people believe that Drizzt had killed the family.[5] When Drizzt learned what had happened, he and Guenhwyvar attacked the cave's inhabitants, destroying the two barghests and many of their goblin allies.[6]

New AllyEdit

Tephanis served as a messenger between Roddy McGristle, a goblin king, and Caroak, a winter wolf, to team up against Montolio Debrouchee and Drizzt for killing his previous master, Ulgulu. After a major battle, Montolio and Drizzt emerged as the victors.

Tephanis was not happy being uprooted and now had to find a new "ally" to help him. That's when he spotted Roddy McGristle tied up. He and Roddy now travel together tracking down Drizzt. Tephanis was the one who cut Roddy's bindings, to allow Roddy to strangle his captor, the elf Kellindil, with his bare hands, who had tied him up to have him tried for his crimes in Sundabar mainly against Montolio Debrouchee and Drizzt Do'Urden, as he and Tephanis were the ones who lead an orc army and a pack of Winter wolves against them in Mooshie's Grove, then he buried him and whatever supplies he couldn't carry.[7] He told Roddy by mistake that he killed Drizzt and the Weeping Friars by locking them in Hephaestus's lair, in his attempt to prevent Roddy from traveling constantly. When he told Roddy this, he was told to go in his bag. After which Roddy seized the bag and proceeded to bash it against the wall until the bag turned a shade of brown and stopped moving.[8]


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