Terrance Decamber was the undersecretary of the Master Mariners' Guild in Waterdeep in the late 1370s DR.[1]


Terrance had very pale skin, thin lips, blood-red curls, and a hawkish nose.[1]


In 1377 DR, Terrance Decamber along with other members of his guild attended the wedding of the Open Lord of Waterdeep Piergeiron the Paladinson and Eidola of Neverwinter. The wedding was going to take away from the Master Mariners' Guild's business via a trade agreement between Waterdeep and the Boareskyr family. The Mariners led by Jheldarr Boaldegg plotted to disrupt the event; the guild members set a crossbow trap to fire at the husband and wife during the ceremony. The plan was foiled by a young noble Kastonoph Nesher. Prior to the trap being set, Terrance was killed during a masquerade ball after Piergeiron witnessed the Mariners attempting to murder young Kastonoph.[1]




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