Tesh Valley was the land surrounding the River Tesh in north Faerûn, from its headwaters in the Desertsmouth Mountains[3] to its mouth on the Moonsea beside Zhentil Keep.[4]


The upper Tesh Valley, above Dagger Falls, was fertile farmland and good hunting grounds claimed by Daggerdale.[5] It was bordered on the west by the Desertsmouth Mountains, and on the north by the Border Forest. To the south, the valley extended until the watershed changed to the Dagger River (the headwaters of the River Ashaba), somewhere around Castle Daggerdale.[6]

The lower Tesh Valley, from Dagger Falls to the Moonsea, was more rocky and untamed. Before the Zhentarim destroyed it, Teshendale was a land of miners, foresters, and lumberjacks, with few viable farms.[7]


The lower Tesh Valley, south of the Dragonspine Mountains.