Tessarin "Longtresses" Alaraun was the witty and beautiful First Speaker of the council and ruler of the beleagured town of Nesmé. Among other things, she was renowned for her collection of magical items.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Pre-leadership[edit | edit source]

Before the invasion of the Evermoors by the trolls she was a member of, but not leader of, the town council. Meetings often descended into heated arguments with the former First Speaker, Jygil Zelnathra, a cleric of Waukeen, about the role of religion in government.[1]

When Waukeen was captured by Graz'zt just after the Time of Troubles, Jygil was weakened so much that Tessarin took over as First Speaker. She had to seize Nesmé by force in order to save it from the ruling by corrupt priests of Waukeen. Tessarin enlisted groups of local barbarians to help overthrow the tyrannous priests. Although she successfully seized control, the barbaric warriors roamed Nesmé and some of them were difficult to control.[2] During Tessarin's leadership, she turned Nesmé into a magocracy and eventually took Jygil as her apprentice in the ways of The Art. She planned for Nesmé to rival the city of Silverymoon and to join the Lords' Alliance.[1]

Troll invasions[edit | edit source]

Tessarin escaped the Troll Invasion of 1370 DR and struggled to rebuild after the damage her city had taken.[citation needed] In 1372 DR, Nesmé was under threat from trolls and giants, and Tessarin recruited help from the Riders of Nesmé, a group of Uthgardt barbarians, and a lizardfolk tribe called the Khoroshen.[3]

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