Tessele Whitehorn was a cleric of Oghma during the 14th century DR, having ascended to the rank of Lorekeeper Venturer within the Leaves of Learning, a temple/library in the city of Highmoon in Deepingdale. Under her leadership, two Lorekeepers and four Seekers of the Binder maintained watch over the Leaves' collected works and supervised visitors who made use of their services.[1]


While she didn't often find combat during her service in the Leaves' walls, Tessele possessed the keen mind of a tactician. She maintained a daily exercise regimen and insisted her fellow priests join in the routine.[1]


In her younger years, Tessele was an adventurer of great exploits and renown. She was as beautiful as she was daring, her intrepid nature earned her many stories of wild escapades and a stream of men who sought her affection. Despite her many suitors from across the Realms, Tessele wound up falling for one of her fellow adventuring companions. During what would be her last adventure, she saw her paramour perish in the maw of a great dracolich.[1]

Devastated and brokenhearted, Tessele Whitehorn retired to Deepingdale, and began a quiet life of reflection within the Leaves of Learning. She lived a quiet life serving the communities of the Dales, writing down the stories of the region's elder citizens and otherwise finding fulfillment in life's small joys and simple pleasures.[1]


Around the year 1372 DR, Tessele began having repeated nightmares of a falling star crashing into the forests of the Dalelands in her sleep. She saw the trees and the elves that lived within them engulfed in immolation. Unbeknownst to the senior Lorekeeper, these dreams were not prophetic, but rather visions pertaining to the destruction of an ancient elven civilization. Known as the Lorelands of Uvaeren, this former beacon of enlightenment was located where Mistledale stood, thousands of years before, dating back to a couple millennia before the raising of the mythal at Myth Drannor. She was unsure as to what these dreams meant and believed that knowledge rested solely with Oghma.[1]



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