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The Tethans were the largest of the two major subethnicities of the Calishites.[1]


Tethans were taller, bulkier, and lighter-skinned than the noble ethnicity of "pure" Djen, but they were still darker than most other human ethnotypes.[1]


The Tethans were the result of the Djen interbreeding with the original native races of the region of Shining Sea. They were named Tethans by the people of Mulhorand.[1]

The Tethans comprised almost half of all residents of Calimshan, yet they were forbidden from rising in Calishite society beyond the status of merchants or tradesfolk, and 70% of Tethans in that land were either servants or slaves.[1]

Notable Tethans[]

The Kahmir crime family was composed of those of Tethan racial stock mixed with Mulan blood.[2]




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