The Tethir elves were one of the original seven tribes inhabiting the massive single forest of Keltormir that covered West Faerûn.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

This clan was a warrior tribe known for its unwavering courage.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The tribe was named for Tethir the Dragonslayer, a relative of the great leader of Keltomir.[2] In −11,700 DR,[3][4] Tethir sacrificed his life to kill two red dragons, buying the majority of his tribe time to escape into the southern regions of their forest, which became the Forest of Tethir.[2]

Besides the Tethir tribe, other former Keltomir elves became the Suldusk and Stilmyst tribes, and all three tribes shared the Forest of Tethir together. The three clans maintained and defended their own separate lands withing the forest but continued trade among themselves and with the other clans of old Keltomir in the other forests that were all once part of one domain.[2]

In −221 DR, the Tethir tribe joined with the human warrior tribes of Tethyr to help them gain their independence from Calimshan. One of the tribe's members, Selanlar, even gave his daughter in marriage to the chieftain of Clan Tarseth, and his half-elf granddaughter Saraala Tarseth would go on to marry King Darrom Ithal and become the first queen of Tethyr.[5]

By 1370 DR, the Tethir tribe had passed out of existence, and only the Suldusk tribe remained of the three tribes once occupying the forest baring the name of Tethir.[1]

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