Tewahca was a ruined city in the House of Tezca in Maztica.[1]


Tewahca was located somewhere in the middle of the House of Tezca desert. The city was built in a sandy, barren valley. Although most of the buildings were crumbling, one remained in perfect condition through the millennia: the Pyramid of the Gods.[1]

The Pyramid of the Gods was a massive (at least 400 ft high, although some legends claimed it was over 600 ft tall) pyramid; it was the tallest structure in all of Maztica, and the most sacred. It was built on the orders of the gods themselves, and was the site of Qotal and Zaltec's legendary battle. Even in 1361 DR, it remained in pristine condition.[2].[1]


Even though legend held that no humans had ever inhabited Tewahca, there was evidence of human habitation, such as tombs[2] and numerous other buildings. Almost nothing was known about them except that they worshiped the Maztican pantheon.[1]


Centuries, possibly millennia, before even the rise of Payit and Far Payit, Qotal and Zaltec fought atop the Pyramid of the Gods. At some later point, the city was abandoned, fell into ruin, and was largely forgotten except in legends.[1]



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