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Tezca was the bloodthirsty god of the sun, heat, and fire in Maztica.[1]


He was pictured as a giant humanoid with burning orange skin, a face surrounded by flames, and hair that was a mass of smoke trailing behind him.[1]


Tezca was the twin brother of Azul, and one of the children of Kukul and Maztica. When the gods were giving gifts to the humans, his gift was that of fire. Later on, he and his brothers sided with Zaltec against Qotal.[2]


As god of the life-giving sun, and of fire, Tezca was an important god to all the Mazticans, but most especially among the Kultakans and the Dog People. He was also the second-most bloodthirsty god after Zaltec. Each sunset, his priests tore out the heart of a human sacrifice, offering it to a statue of the god to ensure that the sun would rise again the next day.[1]



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