Thalantyr was a wizard, specialized in conjuration, and a former adventurer who lived in his house called High Hedge, west of Beregost.[1]


Later retired, Thalantyr was more at home helping others through magic or advice for a fee. He appeared to never want to see his old adventuring partners again and enjoyed a quiet life.[2] Most of the time, the wizard was happy walking outside alone, not welcoming visitors, nor accepting apprentices.[1]


The noble archmage owned a long dark staff of power and took it on all his trips, whether it was to the town of Beregost or to a distant plane.[2]


Long ago, Thalantyr was an treasure hunter who quested for the lost magic of Netheril in desolate fortresses and keeps. On one such journey, the wizard appeared to have been captured by a horrid beast and only escaped through his quick thinking and the forgotten spells of Netheril.[2]



In the Baldur's Gate computer game, Thalantyr can be found in High Hedge where the player can purchase spells and magic items from him, or sell him skulls for money. If the player brings Melicamp, Thalantyr's former apprentice who has accidentally polymorphed himself into a chicken, to Thalantyr, he will try to transform him back into a human, although the outcome is not sure.[3]


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