Thallos yn Sarsor el Bhilax yi Almraiven was a Calishite weaponsmaster and a member of the Knights of the Shield in 1370 DR.[1]


Thallos inherited his position in the Knights from his grandfather, Tahir el Bhirax. However, Tahir's son, Sarsor yn Tahir el Bhirax became a crazed cultist of Umberlee, losing all his money in devotion to the Sea Bitch. So Tahir transferred the Knights' position to Sarsor's son, Thallos. Thallos fled his home city, and after a time as an adventurer, settled in Keltar, gaining a name as weaponsmaster for the Laamil clan. A series of good business deals made together with his employer and friend Amhir Rabi el Lammil gave Thallos for the first time the will to use his Knights' connections for more lucrative business dealings.[1]



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