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Thann (pronounced: /ˈθɑːnTHANN[3]) was a noble Waterdhavian house that were known as a leading vintner in the Waterdeep region.[1]


The Thann family owned large plots of land to both the north and south of Waterdeep.[1][4] The house had strong ties to Blackstaff Tower, since Cassandra was publicly known as the sister of Khelben Arunsun the Younger.[1] They also had strong ties with the Vintners', Distillers', & Brewers' Guild.[1]

House Thann were closely allied with the Tethyrian royal house and were engaged in the Reclamation of Tethyr. The family, originally based in Waterdeep, had actually split into two and the other branch of the family was based in Tethyr.[1]

Base of Operations[]

The Thann family owned a villa on Sashtar Street in the North Ward of Waterdeep, between Thunderstaff Way and Whaelgond Way.[5][6]


House Thann was originally a Velenese family that made its fortunes in the slave trade by taking slaves from the Port of Shadow to the south. In 1315 DR, Rhammas convinced his father, Erktos Thann, to abandon the slave trade. They then began focusing on land holdings, wine, and shipping. They continued some work in less reputable trades, however.[1]

In the 1360s and 70s DR, the family gained the ire of the Shadow Thieves through their ties to Lhestyn Silmaeril Arunsun and their involvement in Riatavin's secession to Tethyr. The Shadow Thieves were known to attack Thann holdings within the city of Waterdeep itself.[1]


  • Cassandra Thann, a forceful matriarch of the Thann family.[1]
  • Rhammas Thann, a patriarch of the Thanns who largely retired from familial affairs.[7]
  • Dartek Thann, son of Cassandra and Rhammas and father of Erktos Thann II.[7]
  • Eldaun Thann, son of Cassandra and Rhammas.[7]
  • Randor Thann, son of Cassandra and Rhammas.[7]
  • Zelphar Thann, fourth son of Cassandra and Rhammas.[7]
  • Harmon Thann, son of Cassandra and Rhammas.[7]
  • Danilo Thann, sixth son of Cassandra and Rhammas and for a time one of the secret Lords of Waterdeep.[7]
  • Ildaera Thann, daughter of Cassandra and Rhammas.[7]
  • Synthea Thann, daughter of Cassandra and Rhammas.[7]
  • Judith Thann, daughter of Cassandra and Rhammas.[8]
  • Lilly Thann, daughter of Rhammas, born out of wedlock and slain by the Knights of the Shield.[7]
  • Erktos Thann II, second son of Dartek, grandson of Cassandra and Rhammas; the Royal Bailiff of Tethyr.[9]
  • Clarinda Thann, Danilo's great aunt.[10]

Erktos II




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