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Thargaun Crell was the first Nentyarch of the Crell Dynasty to rule over Tharos which would later become Narfell.[1]


Thargaun assumed leadership of his tribe with the death of his father Tharos in −987 DR. He immediately established the kingdom of Tharos in his father's honor and was the first to hold the title of Nentyarch.[2]

In −970 DR, Thargaun built the capital of Dun-Tharos. Later that year he forged the Crown of Narfell and subverted the surrounding Nar kingdoms. However, it was not until −946 DR when he was able to unite all of the surrounding lands into what would be named Narfell.[2] Thargaun ruled Tharos and Narfell from -987 DR up to his death in −912 DR.[1]

Thargaun was also a devout follower of the demon lord Orcus.[1]


Thargaun's firstborn son, Derevan, would succeed him as Nentyarch.[1]