Tharim Roaringhorn was a member of the noble House Roaringhorn in Cormyr, and was head of the family in the early 1200s DR.[1]


Tharim was a husky man with dark brown eyes. His hair was an unbound mane of long brown locks and he sported a large, bushy mustache.[1]


True to the reputation of House Roaringhorn (or perhaps the origin of it), Tharim was loud and boisterous, both on and off the battlefield. His irrepressible spirit was a boost for morale in battle (he actually roared and laughed while fighting), but in the Royal Court many courtiers found him annoying and disruptive.[1]


Tharim was a great warrior, skilled in both the warhammer and the battleaxe.[1]


In the Year of the Wall, 1227 DR, Tharim Roaringhorn was part of an escort sent by the Crown to ensure the safety of a Sembian trade representative on a journey to Immersea. During the night, while the small force made camp, an enclosed wagon came careening down the road with no warning, striking and killing Tharim and Elbryn Scatterstars in its dash through the dark. Orngrym Cormaeril and Ardagast Falconhand gave chase by separate routes, but Orngrym could not track the wagon in the gloom and Ardagast was nearly killed when he was unhorsed by a spear thrust from a window on the carriage. They were later to learn that it was a hijacked pay-wagon carrying the wages for the Purple Dragons. Waevor's Wagon (as it was eventually named), its contents, and the guards and War Wizards that were protecting it were never seen again.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Tharim was a legend on the battlefield, said to mow down orcs like sheaves of wheat.[1]



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