Tharmekhûl was the personal assistant of Moradin, and a dwarven demipower of the forge and the destructive properties of fire.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

Tharmekhûl was depicted as either an azer, or as a dwarf with metallic, bronze skin and with hair and beard made up of black smoke.[2]

Tharmekhûl had only a few interests, and would mainly task his followers with the kindling of new forges with elemental fire or with retrieving relics from ancient dwarven forges.[2]

Worshipers[edit | edit source]

Worshipers of Tharmekhûl mainly included smiths and other dwarves inspired by the creative applications of the forge, but due to the destructive forces of fire and molten rock, as well as the forge's role in weapons manufacturing, he additionally had a minor following as a war deity.[2]

In either case, true clerics of Tharmekhûl were rare and most communities had only one priest and their apprentice. The apprentice would in turn typically not take on the rank of true priest before the death of their master.[2]

Fire iconography was included in all aspects of Tharmekhûl's worship, and all his rites involved the tending of real forges.[2]

The dwarves of the ancient Clan Melairkyn worshiped Tharmekhûl, and, as of ca. 1492 DR, a statue and small shrine dedicated to the Tender of the Forge still remained within the "Obstacle Course", the 15th level of Undermountain. At the base of the statue was written the phrase: "Fire is the cure."[3]

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