Tharqualnaar was a village of merfolk in Deepwater Harbor in Waterdeep, beneath Deepwater Isle. It was older than the city itself, founded in the year −458 DR.[1]

Activities[edit | edit source]

The male merfolk of this settlement were charged with the task of gathering tithes to Umberlee thrown into the harbor, and with guarding the entrance to Umberlee's Cache. By the year 1372 DR, the adult merfolk of the settlement were recruited into the City Guard, and were expected to aid in the recovery of corpses, spilled cargo, and sunken vessels.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Tharqualnaar was founded in −458 DR as a military garrison for adult male merfolk from the north to gather tithes to Umberlee.[2]

Since −334 DR, the merfolk were tasked with guarding Umberlee's Cache.[2]

In 1355 DR, the population of Tharqualnaar boomed, as merfolk refugees fleeing Laakos' Reef bolstered the ranks, transforming the settlement from garrison to village.[2]

The village was nearly destroyed in 1369 DR by the Army of Iakhovas in the Deepwater War, but was replenished by merfolk traveling from up and down the Sword Coast. Since that time, merfolk acted as members of the City Guard.[2]

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