Thaumaturgists were divine spellcasters who were interested in pacts with beings from other planes of existence. Depending on the alignment and intent of the thaumaturgist, the beings which the thaumaturgist summons may be demons, devils, angels, or eladrin. The nature of the relationship between thaumaturgist and planar creature may also vary depending on the duties the thaumaturgist wishes the planar creature to perform, which may range between a long term quest down to assisting in a particularly difficult fight.

Of particular interest about the thaumaturgist is the fact that they oftentimes form a longterm relationship with a specific summoned fiend or celestial, which is called a "planar cohort." This relationship is chiefly dependent on the thaumaturgist and his planar cohort sharing the same basic goals and motivations. Should this situation change, the planar cohort isn't obliged to remain on the Prime Material Plane.

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Improved Ally
A thaumaturgist is very skilled and persuasive at getting his planar allies to work for him at a considerable discount.
Augment Summoning
A thaumaturgist possesses such skill and power at summoning planar allies that they have enhanced physical strength and stamina.
Extended Summoning
A thaumaturgist's summoned planar allies remain twice as long on the Prime Material Plane.
Contingent Conjuration
A thaumaturgist can ready a summoning spell to "fire" when a prearranged condition is met, such as the thaumaturgist getting injured or another being of a specified type comes within a certain distance of the thaumaturgist.
Planar Cohort
The thaumaturgist can enter into a long term business relationship with a summoned fiend or celestial. As long as the thaumaturgist assists the summoned planar creature in a cause or ideal it believes important, the planar ally will remain to assist.


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