The Thayan Resurrection was a secret rebel organization born among the Red Wizards of Thay.


Composed of wizards of all schools of magic except necromancy, the Thayan Resurrection's goal was the overthrow of Szass Tam and the necromancers from their rule of Thay.


Among the group were sincere revolutionaries hoping for a land more adapted to human life and power-hungry individuals who wanted to replace one ruler with another. They were structured in autonomous cells composed of just a few members in order to make it difficult for Tam's followers to destroy them with a single blow. Two noted members were Syranna and Mennek Ariz who, with help from adventurers, destroyed the most loyal liches of Tam in the secret dungeon of Doomvault.[1]



Behind the scenesEdit

It is possible that one of the founders of the Thayan Resurrection was Umara Ankhlab, who at the end of The Reaver abandoned the necromancer's path hoping for a resurrection of Thay.


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