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Thayan enclaves were independent legal entities in countries outside Thay in the mid–14th century DR.[1]

Enclaves were established as trade outposts within a city after negotiations with local rulers. Once the parties agreed on enclave construction, the terms of the deal were discussed. All enclaves required that the local government agree to the Three Laws of the Enclave as follows:

  • The Law of Sovereignty: The enclave was treated as Thayan soil much like an embassy.
  • The Law of Trade: Merchandise and services were priced at 10% below normal retail cost.
  • The Law of Crafting: This dictated what Thayans would and would not sell to the general public.[1]

The enclave benefited the local rulers since the Thayans agreed to donate 1% of the profits to the local government. Most enclave contracts also required that wizards serve in the reserves of the local military for brief and recurring periods, which increased the number of spellcasters available to the government.[1]

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Circa 1372 DR, the ruling priestesses of Dambrath considered copying the idea of the enclave from the Red Wizards of Thay, by combining a trade outpost and a worship center for Loviatar.[2]

Known Enclaves[]

The following cities had large Thayan enclaves around 1372 DR:[3]


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