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The Thaymount is a chain of volcanic mountains at the heart of Thay.[1]


Some of these volcanos are still active and access to the region is restricted to only the Red Wizards. The River Umber, River Lapendrar, and the River Eltar all have their source in the soot covered glaciers in these mountains. The mountains also house gold mines, volcanic forges, magical workshops, barracks of Thay's monstrous armies, and the private fortresses of many Red Wizards.[1] The mountainous area also refers to the tharch that encompass the entire plateau of High Thay, a second plateau that rests upon the plateau of Thay and is home to the mountain range.[2] The mountain range is home to the Citadel, an ancient fortress carved into one of the highest peaks. It predates humans, and is said to have been build by an intelligent race of lizardfolk.[3]


The tharch is home to zulkirs and the most powerful Red Wizards, access to the area is strictly controlled.[2]


In 1377 DR, Szass Tam established the Thaymount as his seat of power and the Citadel as the capital of Thay.[3]