The Thaymount is a chain of volcanic mountains at the heart of Thay.[1] They were located within the tharch of the same name that encompassed the entire plateau of High Thay atop the Second Escarpment.[2]

Access to the mountains, along with the corresponding tharch, was restricted to the Red Wizards.[1]


Some of the volcanoes of Thaymount were still active, as of the late 14th century DR.[1]

The River Umber, River Lapendrar, and the River Eltar all have their source in the soot-covered glaciers in these mountains. The mountains also house gold mines, volcanic forges, magical workshops, barracks of Thay's monstrous armies, and the private fortresses of many Red Wizards.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

The mountain range was home to the Citadel, an ancient fortress carved into one of the highest peaks. It predated humans and was said to have been built by an intelligent race of lizardfolk.[3]

To the south of the Citadel, Thayvian gold mines were located, overseen by tharchion Willeth Lionson in 1362 DR.[4]


The tharch was home to zulkirs and the most powerful Red Wizards; access to the area was strictly controlled.[2]


In the Year of the Haunting, 1377 DR, Szass Tam established the Thaymount as his seat of power capital of Thay.[3]




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