The tharch of Thaymount, also known as High Thay, was a region of Thay that encompassed the entirety of the area atop the Ruthammar Plateau, located in the center of the more vast Thayan Plateau. For centuries, the central district overshadowed by the Thaymount served as a military stronghold that held reserve legions for Thay's many military endeavors. However, by the late 14th century DR,[1] it had become the seat of power in Thay under the rule of High Regent Szass Tam.[2]

Outlanders were forbidden from traveling up the Second Escarpment to the lands of Thaymount unless under the direct supervision of one of the nation's Red Wizards. The mages seldom did so, unless they had an exceptionally important reason.[3]


The plains of High Thay were largely fertile grasslands, dotted with a few pine forests. Some regions of the tharch were rather barren and desolate, particularly in the foothills leading up to the region's namesake mountains.[3]

High Thay held no true cities. A few small towns were scattered between the noble estates and towers that served those Red Wizards that preferred solitude.[3]


Many of Thay's Red Wizards, wealthy high clerics and noble mulan families used the secluded and well-protected lands as home for their vast estates. While they were often absent for their lavish villas, spending time in Thay's bustling, often over-crowded cities, they served as a refuge from the commoners and merchant-class during the hotter summer months.[3]

The regions of High Thay north and east of Thaymount were far less settled by the mulan aristocracy. Small bands of gnolls, orcs and other humanoids roamed these lands, and their numbers were often culled for inclusion into the Thayan legions.[3]


The highlands of Thaymount were dotted with dozens of mountainside fortresses that housed the Thayan beast-legions, comprised of thousands of gnolls, darkenbeasts, and other dark creatures.[4] The tharch housed the orcs and orogs of Gruumsh's Legion, the widely feared regiment that was considered among the finest military forces in all of Thay.[5]


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  • Thaymount: The range of rugged volcanic mountains, from which the tharch took its name, was the central feature of High Thay.[12]




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