The Thayvian gold mines were a giant mining complex under Thaymount. They produced the gold that sustained Thay's economy in the 14th century DR.[1]

The walls of this cavern looked as if they had been painted with gold. The veins were so thick and so close together that little of the rock showed between them. A crew of slave miners was hard at work mining the area.[2]


The twisting tunnels of the gold mines were located in Thaymount, a chain of volcanic mountains at the heart of Thay, atop the Second Escarpment.[3]

The massive mine spread underground for miles, winding throughout the mountain like tunnels in an anthill. The main shaft had been stripped clean of gold, before branching into countless tunnels. Some led to mining locations, and some led to ventilation holes. The tunnels and the areas outside the mines were free of rubble, gravel, and silt, as the Thayans used magic to dissolve it all magically, saving time and labor for the gold excavation.[4]

The tunnels were supported by huge reinforced oak beams.[5]


Information about the mines' defenses was spread among the Zulkirs, ensuring no one of them had the knowledge to take over the gold production. The mines were protected by magical traps and alarms, some of which were thumb-sized crystals embedded in the walls at human waist height. These crystals were triggered by heat, and sensitive enough to react to a warm-blooded being.[6]

The main entrance of the mines was defended by slaves and two galeb duhrs that were able to cause avalanches and pelt the attackers with boulders.[7]


By 1362 DR, the main tunnels had been stripped clean of gold for decades, indicating the mine's old age. That year was when the tharchion at the time, Willeth Lionson, was tortured by Maligor, the Zulkir of Alteration, for information on the mines and later murdered and replaced by his assistant Asp. Attempting to take over the country's gold production in a grab for power, the zulkir kidnapped Willeth as he was traveling to Tantras to purchase mining equipment to work on newly uncovered extremely rich gold veins. Maligor's plan was unsuccessful when the mines were attacked by Harper agents leading an army of undead for Szass Tam. Maligor seemingly perished in the collapsed tunnels that followed the attack, and the event left Thay's economy badly damaged until the mines were excavated once again.[5]


Two galeb duhr guardians and countless slaves of various races worked in the mines. In 1362 DR, an army of Maligor's darkenbeasts infested the mines.[7]




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