Thazalhar was a region of Thay, ruled by tharchion Milsantos Daramos until his death in 1382 DR. It was small and sparsely populated compared to other tharchs in Thay.[1]


Thazalhar was part of the Mulhorandi empire at the time of Thay's rebellion against them. It was rich farmland then.[2]

When Jorgmacdon summoned the demon lord Eltab in 922 DR,[3] most of Thazalhar was completely devastated during the Battle of Thazalhar, earning it the appellation of "one vast graveyard". The enriched soil of the field of the battle laid untilled from then on.[2]


Tharchion Milsantos demanded tolls of gems and small valuable items from the caravans that traversed the trade route that his troops guarded. Having nowhere to store much coin, Milsantos had to carry everything with him.[4]


In the north and west, Thazalhar was separated from the rest of Thay by the River Tazarim. The Mulhorand border was marked by the River of the Dawn. It was also separated from the Endless Wastes by the Sunrise Mountains.[5]


The tharch's tharchion was Milsantos Daramos, whose seat of power was actually in Pyarados but Milsantos held a particular dislike for that tharch's tharchion, Valerios Theokillos, and so he spent the majority of his time with his troops, living in several temporary campsites.[4]


Milsantos' cavalry were noted as being the very best riders of all Thay's military forces, though their skill at arms was not nearly so exemplary. They were responsible for ensuring that any invasions from Mulhorand were repelled, keeping the local monster populations from becoming uncontrollable and protecting trade caravans from the depredations of bandits.[4] Milsantos also occasionally sent his troops on raids against the coastline pirates but the corsairs almost always managed to outmaneuver them.[6]


So sparsely was Thazalhar populated that the only inhabitant of note was its tharchion. The rest of the populace consisted of Milsantos' three small troops of cavalry, the few caravan traders who were willing to risk traveling the caravan route to Mulhorand (rather than the much safer option of taking a ship from Bezantur to Sultim), the bandits that preyed on those caravans, a few small pirate families that lived on the tiny stretch of Thazalhar's coastline,[5] and the occasional units of Mulhorandi troops that regularly tried to enforce their claim on Thazalhar and the Priador.[7]




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