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The Accursed Tower is a Forgotten Realms adventure published in 1999 by TSR. It is designed for four to eight characters of levels 1-3.

Icewind Dale, Ten-Towns, Regis the lovable halfling scoundrel and Drizzt Do'Urden, drow ranger. These names are legendary in the annuals of the Forgotten Realms® setting, made famous in the best selling novels of R.A. Salvatore.

Now, Salvatore and his original gaming group, the Seven Swords, return to the Savage Frontier in this exciting 32-page adventure. The PCs begin in the port city of Luskan, where they are hired on by a caravaning merchant to perform guard duty for the long, dangerous journey over the Spine of the World Mountains. If the heroes do well, they reach the small town of Targos, where they hear rumors of a dead mage's lost tower out on the tundra. In order to find it, the PCs must overcome numerous obstacles but may find allies in the peoples of the Ten-Towns region, including a barbarian prince, a sly halfling, and a unique ranger.

Not all is as it seems, though, not all smiling faces can be trusted. Can the PCs separate the truth from the lies, locate the Accursed Tower, determine all its secrets, and survive?

This low-level, stand-alone adventure fits into any existing Forgotten Realms campaign. It's also easily adapted to any other AD&D® game campaign world.[2]


  • Introduction
  • Road to Icewind Dale
  • Targos & Beyond
  • The Accursed Tower
  • Appendix


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Arumn GardpeckBartholomew TidfigitBeartrid WintersDamien MorienusCelerum the BlackDell TannersonDorthy WintersDerekDrizzt Do'UrdenGuenhwyvarKalas WintersKaladar the CruelKinnukiParcillaRafferty TannersonRegisSims WintersTairisYarmuth the Brown
Referenced only
AlustrielAtremus BellwetherBoswell PeddywinkleDeltagar ZelhundDendybar the MottledEltuth OyimJaluth AlaerthJukiniMathildaMitukiOrnar of the ClawQueltar ThaeloonRegbald Stonethrower


bugbearcariboudrowbrown beardemondwarvesflesh golemfrost lizardfrost mangargoyleghoulgiant lynxgiant owlgnollgoblinhalflinghoar foxhumanhorseknucklehead troutmimicorcogrepoltergeistratskeletonspidergiant sundewwild dogswolvesyetizombie
Referenced only
basiliskhalf-elvesstone golemtreant


Great Thaw


Buildings & Sites: Accursed TowerCutlass (inn)Royal ArmsWolf's Pelt Inn
Lakes: Maer Dualdon
Mountains: Spine of the World
Regions: Icewind DaleSword Coast North
Rivers: Shaengarne River
Roads: Half Moon Street
Seas: Sea of Moving Ice
Settlements: LonelywoodLuskanTargosTen Towns
Trees: Lone Tree
Referenced only
AbyssBryn ShanderHost Tower of the ArcaneKelvin's CairnLuruarMithral HallSavage FrontierSilverymoonWaterdeepWinter Palace


Clothing: snowshoes
Food & Drink: bay leafcinnamoncuminDeath Cheesefirebrandyhoney
Books: Poisons and Known AntidotesSecret Doors and Big Explosive Traps
Magical: Diary of Damien Morienushat of disguiseIcingdeathpotion of healingRing of protectionRuby pendantTwinkle
Misc: scrimshaw
Referenced only
seven seedlings of the verdant sages


Arcane BrotherhoodHarpers






  • Design : R. A. Salvatore, Mike Leger, Brian Newton, Tom Parker, David Salvatore, Gary Salvatore, Jim Underdown
  • Development & Editing : Dale Donovan
  • Brand Manager : David Wise
  • Cover Art : Fred Fields
  • Interior Art : David A. Roach
  • Cartography : Dermis Kauth
  • Art Direction : Paul Hanchette
  • Graphic Design & Production : Dee Barnett
  • Typesetting : Eric Haddock


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