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The Alchemist was a green slaad posing as a human man in Undermountain in the early 1490s DR.[1]


The Alchemist settled in a cavern in the Twisted Caverns. It sold potions to travelers, but in truth it was searching for its control gem. If questioned about itself, it said it had been kidnapped by the Mad Mage from a place he couldn't remember.[1]


In 1491 DR,[note 1] Halaster summoned a green slaad, deprived it of its control gem, and set it loose inside Undermoutain. The slaad wandered many dungeon levels in search of its gem until it sensed the gem somewhere inside the Twisted Caverns. So it disguised itself as a human alchemist and started selling potions to travelers.[1]


The Alchemist only wanted to get back its gem and go back to home. However, in fear of being controlled, it asked nobody for help to find it. As a human alchemist, he could not explain the reason Halaster had kidnapped him.[1]


Jibber-Jabber was friend of the Alchemist, who provided the ettin with a potion that transformed the water in barrelstalk mushrooms into mead.[2]



  1. Canon material does not provide a year for the events described in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, but Christopher Perkins answered a question via Twitter and stated the year was 1492 DR. Corroborating this, Dragon Heist page 20 refers to events of Death Masks (set in 1491 DR) as being "last year". Unless a canon source contradicts this assertion, this wiki will use 1492 DR for events related to this sourcebook and Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (which is referenced on pages 5 and 98 of Dragon Heist).


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