The Barghest was a half-orc commander of the Shining Crusade in the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR.[2]


The Barghest had a reputation as a bloodthirsty bandit, well known in taverns as far as Soubar. However, his personality completely changed after being introduced to Caelar Argent and her Shining Crusade. He became totally devoted to Caelar, trying his hardest to be a just and honorable knight in her service.[1] He came to view war as an abomination, but felt it was necessary to accomplish the Crusade's ultimate goal of invading Avernus to rescue the souls lost during the Dragonspear Wars.[2]


The Barghest was part of a group of bandits operating out of Dragonspear Castle.[1] He participated in both the first and second Dragonspear War, fighting both the devil invaders,[2] as well as the goodly forces from Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate. He survived both conflicts, and was particularly noted for his ruthlessness during the second Dragonspear War.[1]

Roughly a decade later, the Barghest encountered Caelar Argent. She saw the potential for goodness within him, and converted him to her cause. He became an officer in her Shining Crusade, commanding the Blinding White battalion. In 1368 DR, the Barghest's forces lay siege to Bridgefort near Boareskyr Bridge.[2]


As a commander of the Shining Crusade, the Flaming Fist offered a bounty of 1,200 gp for the Barghest's death or capture.[1]




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