The Bloodstone Wars is a 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure. It was published in 1987, the same year the Forgotten Realms became an official campaign setting, and was one of the first Forgotten Realms adventures. Like the previous titles in the Bloodstone Pass series, The Bloodstone Wars features the Battlesystem tabletop rules.

What strange role does Orcus, Prince of the Undead, play in the invasion of the peace-loving Damara? And what interest does the Grandfather of Assassins have in the tiny barony of Bloodstone Pass?

With this adventure, your player characters inherit an entire barony—with a recently-reopened mine that produces immense wealth. Wealth enough to attract the dangerous attention of their neighbors... wealth enough to attract the attention of the Witch-King of Vaasa... and Orcus himself!

Now, your tiny barony is the pivotal point in a war that threatens to engulf the entire Forgotten Realms. Take command, and defend yourself against the encroachment of the evil, demonic forces of the nightmare realm of Vaasa. A large, four-color map of the region makes your new realm come alive. Wild and woolly BATTLESYSTEM scenarios (with options if you're not into miniatures) give you the full range of battlefield excitement!

Come learn why high-level AD&D game play can be much more than just monster bashing. The Army of Bloodstone wants you!