The Cabal of the Crown was an adventuring company based in Procampur in the Vast.[1]


Circa 1364 DR, The Cabal of the Crown visited the village of Orlimmin to explore the local gravel pits, which were rumored to conceal buried treasures. One night, one of the pits erupted with fireballs, lightning bolts and similar destructive spells. Although the villagers watched from outside The Pickled Priest tavern, they waited until morning to investigate. Most of the Cabal were found dead, many beheaded, in or beside the pit. A few survivors had fled all the way to Tantras, and refused to speak of what they saw, let alone return to Orlimmin.

Village gossips, inventive bards, and gullible adventurers spread the tale that the Cabal of the Crown had awoken an elder vampire who'd slain them. However, the flashy spells, lack of undead, and victims still with all their blood in them or on the ground, all told against the vampire theory. [1]


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