The Castle was the central asteroid of the Tears of Selûne. All other objects in the cluster slowly revolved around it during their 30-day-long trajectory around Toril.[1]


The most prominent feature of the asteroid was an enormous castle with beautifully constructed spires that rose up to 100 ft (30 m) above the ground. The towers were kept constantly alight by continual light spells.[1]

The ground around the castle was covered with long grass and flowering bushes. From the door of the castle, a stream of water coming from a chalice of continual water poured out of the grounds and spilled out into space, following the asteroid's gravity plane.[1]

Beside its outer features, the Castle remained largely unexplored. By the mid–14th century DR, none of the explorers who ventured to investigate the asteroid came back alive.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

It was believed by some races that the Castle was linked to the appearance of the Tears themselves. According to these legends, a recently arrived deity created the cluster and hid his domain in its center.[1]


No sentient beings inhabited the asteroid. The Castle and surrounding grounds were inhabited by ravens, which flew within the boundaries of the asteroid's air envelope, and brown puddings, which fed on the ravens and on the grass. The puddings were extremely dangerous and could hide very well in the cracks, so they were hard to eradicate.[1]




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