The Companion, also known as Amaunator's Gift, was a magical second sun that hovered over the city of Elturel in Elturgard in the latter half of the 15th century DR. It was the symbol of the realm and of its defenders, the Order of the Companion.[1][2][3]


It was a shining golden orb, hanging directly over the High Hall in the center of the city of Elturel through night and day, never setting or moving through the sky like the natural sun did. In the city itself, it was as bright as the natural sun in daytime.[1][2][3]

It could be seen from nearly anywhere within Elturgard, making it a land of unending daylight,[1][2] though its brightness faded with distance. Some 50 miles (80 kilometers) away from Elturel, it cast a pale dawn light. Further away, it was a bright beacon in the sky, and from as far away as Berdusk and Boareskyr Bridge, it was an unmoving star hanging low over the horizon.[2][3]


The light of this second sun illuminated the land day and night, and suffused all of Elturel. However, it produced no heat.[1][2][3]

Creatures and things vulnerable to daylight in some way, or even destroyed by it, were just as vulnerable to the Companion's light. Thus it protected darkling races and monsters from assailing the city.[2] Undead of all kinds found it painful[3] or were even burned by it, while creatures of darkness could not even bear to look at the city.[1]


In the Year of the Seductive Cambion, 1444 DR, the High Rider of Elturel was discovered to be a vampire, with a vast network of vampire spawn, charmed minions, undead allies, and sycophantic collaborators. Now exposed, the undead infested Elturel, and whatever victories its Hellriders won during the days, they lost sorely in the nights. It was said the Elturians prayed to the gods each night just for the dawn to come sooner. Then, one night so devastating it felt like the end, it did. A second sun appeared in the sky, turning night to day, and blasting the vampire lord and his spawn to ashes while the remaining undead cowered from its light. Elturel was swiftly liberated from their dead grip.[4]

The Companion, as it became known, remained in place and over time the miracle brought pilgrims to Elturel: the sick, the curious, and the devout of many faiths, including many paladins.[4] After them came hundreds of people who'd fled the menace of undead of one kind or another, who came to Elturgard for protection and settled there, particularly in Elturel.[1] The best of the paladins was appointed ruler of Elturel, titled the High Observer. The High Observer then established the Order of the Companion and the Creed Resolute to keep the paladins of different faiths in order.[4][2]


The Companion was so named because it was widely seen as a companion to the regular sun and to the people themselves.[4] It was described as an "eternal promise"[1] and to be steady and loyal, unwavering in its illumination and protection.[2]

It was seen as a miracle, and pilgrims came to receive its warmth and witness its holy light at night.[4] But while many believed the second sun was sent by a god, no-one knew for sure which was responsible. For example, some named it "Amaunator's Gift", after the sun god Amaunator.[1][4][2] However, only the High Observer of Elturgard, Thavus Kreeg, knew if this was truly a blessing of Amaunator or of some other power.[1] The Creed Resolute, sworn by the Order of the Companion and the Hellriders, maintained that their members would not attribute the Companion to any one god, so that religious differences would not divide them.[2]

Some said that all lands touched by the light of the Companion were under "Elturel's Shield", but this raised the ire of those neighbors who remained independent of Elturgard.[2]



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