The Complete Book of Necromancers is an accessory for AD&D 2nd edition. It is the seventh book in the DMGR series.

Come, let us explore the art of necromancy together.
  — the arch-necromancer Kazerabet Necromancers like Kazerabet and their priestly counterparts have mastered many dark, forbidden secrets. This tome reveals these mysteries to the Dungeon Master, who will find new NPC kits and volumes of necromancer's minions, familiars, secret societies, poisons, magical items, enchanted tomes, and dozens of new wizard and priest spells, plus the deadly Isle of the Necromancers, a portable setting which can be placed into any existing campaign.


  • Chapter 1: Necromancers
  • Chapter 2: Dark Gifts
  • Chapter 3: The Price
  • Chapter 4: The Dark Art
  • Chapter 5: Death Priests
  • Chapter 6: The Priest Sphere
  • Chapter 7: Allies
  • Chapter 8: Tools of the Trade
  • Chapter 9: The Campaign
  • Appendix 1: Common Spells
  • Appendix 2: Wizard Spells in the School of Necromancy
  • Appendix 3: Priest Spells in the Necromantic Sphere
  • Appendix 4: Master Index of Necromantic Priest and Wizard Spells

Also includes twelve tables.


Spells: Animate dead animalsAsphyxiateBind undeadBone blightBone danceBrainkillCause insanityCorpse hostCorpse linkDeath pactDeath shroudDeath wardDeath's doorEbony handEmbalmEmpathic wound transferExterminateFalse faceGhoul gauntletGraft fleshHear heartbeatHeart blightLife drainLife force exchangeLife force transferLiving linkLocate remainsPlague curseResist turningScourgeSkeletal handsSkeletal servantSkulltrapSpectral sensesSpectral voiceSpirit bindSummon spiritSummon undeadTransmute bone to steelUndead alacrityUndead regenerationUndead spell focusWound conferral


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